"St. Vincent Decor"

(The Militia Group 2010)Blackmarket - St. Vincent Decor

With smooth soft melodies and the somewhat raspy vocals of singer/guitarist Daryl Lamont, Blackmarket sound like they stepped out of the ‘90s or the Britpop scene. But alas the Arizona-based band is not quite so "exotic." While Blackmarket could easily have opted for an epic, big Britpop sound they instead settle for a more modest indie rock sound that has some flexibility. It's a choice that definitely works in their favor.

Sweet and endearing, almost too much so, tracks like the mid-tempo "Blue Lemon" are heartwarming. Elsewhere Blackmarket go upbeat and instantly likable with tracks like "Hammerhead (Somebody Else)" and opening track "Tongue Twister Typo." The band does throw a bit of a curveball that ends up being memorable with quick acoustic guitar and little else on the stripped down ballad "Catch & Release."

When it's all said and done, Blackmarket's sophomore album "St. Vincent Decor" is likable and doesn't do anything to turn listeners off. And that's the big problem with the album because Blackmarket play it way too safe. Maybe on their next record, having a couple full-lengths under their collective belts, they'll come out swinging. Assuming they make it that far. But, somewhat disappointedly, "St. Vincent Decor" doesn't see Blackmarket pushing any boundaries or shaking anything up.


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