Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
"Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Live"

(Vagrant Records 2009)Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Live

There's little that the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Live DVD/CD is missing. It's got a two hour long concert DVD, a live CD with about half as many tracks as the DVD and then top it all off with another disc of bonus features. In this case "bonus features" means studio sessions, "making of" features, additional concert footage, BBC sessions and more. Needless to say, this collection is probably of interest to BRMC fans.

While other bands are putting out live DVDs of respectable quality, the BRMC Live DVD is a step above. This editing job wasn't put together overnight. The high quality DVD looks dark, smoky and sexy - just like good old rock ‘n' roll should be. It plays like an extremely extended music video with its low light, washed out nearly monochromatic color. What's more, it lives up to the "live" name. The audio hasn't been cleaned up excessively, a fact that's clear just from the repeated squeaks of feedback on opening song "Berlin."

What the audio on the DVD leaves out or doesn't pick up, the audio on the live CD manages to offer. For example, join the crowd as they sing along on "Dirty Old Town." And if all that hasn't been too much BRMC for you yet, pop the bonus DVD in your player. Check out highlights including the band performing for BBC radio and also giving an impromptu performance to fans behind a fence at T in the Park festival.

There's an assumption that you can't have both quality and quantity. Well BRMC have succeeded in providing both on their Live CD/DVD set. Although, granted, it was a long time coming. With bands seeming to race to release live concert DVDs these days, BRMC could teach them a few tricks in editing together a concert that's superior to a fan recorded video on YouTube.


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