"Mach II"

(Pig Zen Space 2010)Blag\'ard - Mach II

Blag'ard are a two piece band who hail from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The members are singer-guitarist Joe Taylor and drummer Adam Brinson. "Mach II" is their second release. So what is the album like?

To be honest it can only be described as distinctively ‘average.' From the Star Wars referencing opener "Get Some" to the final track "R.C.O," the band fail to differ between tracks. Each song sounds like a bunch of college kids who have formed together and tried to emulate Weezer. The references to works of literature such as Hamlet on the song "Ophelia" and films, such as Star Wars on "Get Some," will be putting smiles on the faces of students all over America. 'Okay' bands stick to a specific genre, great bands explore a wide variety of genres. Blag'ard stick to their genre of college rock and never step away from what their comfortable with.

It is worth noting that musically the boys are very talented. Brinson's drums provide a comfortable groove for Taylor to play his riffs over, this is exemplified on the best track on the album "Jenny G." It's just lyrically and vocally the band is a let down, maybe if they were to try to obtain a singer and better lyrics then they would be able to be proclaimed as the next big thing.

Overall the album is nothing new. By the time the fifth track comes on you'll be pining for some variety. However it's still quite good for dorm room playing and no doubt about it they'll achieve some play on college radio stations. The problem is that it's already been done by countless garage bands before them. A predictable album. Not good. Not bad. Average.