Blag Dahlia

(Scapegoat Publishing/Greedy Media and MVDAudio 2006)Blag Dahlia - Nina

Love him or hate him, Blag Dahlia is back. The leader of the Dwarves has returned to the realm of published writing with "Nina: a novel" and its complementary CD, "Nina …And Other Delights." With "Nina," Dahlia is in top form as he does what he does best -- entertain.

The novel "Nina" is a far cry from those romance novel's of your mother's generation with a greased up Fabio gracing the cover. Not his first foray into writing, the novel is like the pulp fiction that, like classics such as William S. Burrough's "Junky," were sold in drug stores and five and dimes some years ago. Dahlia writes in an easy and casual style about the devious exploits of the book's title character gothic Lolita. Peppered with one-liners and pop culture references, sex and violence mingle as the newly orphaned fifteen year old racks up sexual conquests (including but not limited to the paperboy, a teacher, an airplane pilot, and a judge) and has fun at the expense of others. Entertaining throughout, "Nina" is unexpected as the plot continually twists and a book easy to pick up as each of the chapters is like a separate vignette that continues her adventures.

Blag Dahlia - Nina: a novel

Meanwhile the book's companion CD, "Nina …And Other Delights," is a spoken word and musical recording that brings together a few skits, readings of two chapters from the novel and Dahlia's appearances on Invisible Ink radio show. Dahlia sets the tone over swirling electronic music as he asserts "I want to do whatever the fuck I want." For "This Old Whore," he nails the dry personality of a talk radio host while on "Christ Comes Back" he gives a sermon as Jesus, lamenting that he wants his "damn shroud back." The radio show appearances, meanwhile, offer humorous readings of Dahlia's "How To Write Good" column on the topics of Halloween and cocaine replacing alcohol as the writer's choice drug. But the radio interviews also offer an insightful and revealing look into the man behind the drugs, sex and humor as he discusses his work.

For those fans of the Dwarves who have been listening forever, "Nina" offers another look at Blag Dahlia. While he might have made a career as a snotty punk rocker that will do and say just about anything, he brings the same enthusiasm to other endeavors -- doing just about anything and everything by way of "Nina."


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