Bloodhound Gang
"Hefty Fine"

(Geffen Records 2005)

This album is gross, disgusting, tasteless, childish, and offensive. But would the Bloodhound Gang sound better any other way? I mean let's face it, people, the album cover is of a naked obese man boxed in with his genitals being covered up by his rolls of fat. The music itself may be trite but content is obnoxiously hilarious as always on the fourth full length by these King of Prussia boys.

The opener, "Balls Out," has some pretentious instrumentation, like something that even Limp Bizkit would have scrapped in the studio, while the band carries on with some catchy pop musings with "Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo". A Bloodhound Gang album isn't a Bloodhound Gang album without having a few tracks that have the beats of some cheesy tech-house as does numbers like "I'm the Least You Could Do" and "Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss," as the Gang shows their knack for some melancholy moxie on "Farting With a Walkman On".

There is even a knee slapping 23 second track (if that's what you want to call it) called "Diarrhea Runs In the Family" that consists of what appears to be a cell phone voice mail with the caller holding the phone adjacent to his ass as sprays some loose watery bowel movements into the toilet.

The roots of their early skate-punk minded EPs are brought to mind on the power chord induced "Ralph Wiggum" while on "No Hard Feelings" front man Jimmy Pop proclaims "If I wanna be repeatedly shit on, I'll go make Dutch porn".

While this album may not make some people proud to hail from the Delaware Valley area, it will make a good gift for your snot nose middle school aged brother as "Hefty Fine" is the best worst album of the year.


buy it!