Blood Into Wine

(Dreamy Draw Releasing 2010)Blood Into Wine -

Sure everybody knows that Paul Newman's got a variety of products at the local grocery store and, thanks to that messy television appearance a couple years ago, everybody knows that Danny DeVito's got a limoncello line. But did you know that Tool/A Perfect Circle/Puscifer's Maynard James Keenan has his own wine? Even more, he's got his own vineyard and wine company which are the focal point of the documentary "Blood Into Wine." The film sees him and his business partner/wine mentor Eric Glomski doing everything from digging in the dirt to bottling their blends. Although, as Keenan points out, who knows how hands on they actually are when the cameras aren't rolling.

"Blood Into Wine" walks an unusual line. It's part a documentary on the rock star turned winemaker, part advertisement for the vineyard and their wines, and part advertisement for Arizona wines (a new concept for wine fans which they repeatedly point out they're "pioneering"). All of this is pieced together with dry comedy routines and one-liners that either almost work or feel as awkward and forced as SNL skits from the last decade or so. For example, Keenan asking if the film crew are going to follow him everywhere as they pan out to see him on the toilet. Clever. Regardless, the general enthusiasm of all involved, particularly Glomski, seems genuine despite a very structured narrative of what the filmmakers want to tell and show.

While "Blood Into Wine" doesn't feel quite like a documentary, it does have interesting parts on the process of winemaking and getting your own vineyard off the ground. The film will most appeal to home brewers and winemakers and, obviously, the Keenan super fans.


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