"All Hyllest Til Satan"

(Agonia Records 2009)Bloodsworn - All Hyllest Til Satan

Have you ever made or opened up a time capsule? Yeah, that was a very stupid question. Well neither have I, so I could be completely off base here, but I imagine opening of those suckers would have to be something of a double edged sword. Sure, there’s the nostalgia associated with souvenirs from years gone by, but with that would also bring the painful memories of an awkward and misspent youth. So in a way, “All Hyllest Til Satan” is like opening a time capsule. Only way, way more evil and necro.

You see, the material on “All Hyllest Til Satan” was written and recorded in 1999. And for reasons the internet was unable to provide for me, it was mixed, mastered and released a decade later. And what’s been sitting around this entire time is some fairly strict black metal. The jackhammer drums, wall of guitar screech, and vocalist E. Satanael’s help-me-I’m-getting-nails-shoved-into-my-nether-regions yowl tread a path that’s been well-worn for quite some time now. While not the most imaginative album, Bloodsworn do throw in some cool twists. There are earsplitting solos hiding all over the place, and “Helvetesferd” features some groovy arpeggios. Sometimes even modest tinkering does a world of good.

I’m not sure what took so long to get this album put out, put Bloodsworn sure didn’t spend ten years mixing the thing. “All Hyllest Til Satan” sounds like turds, even for a black metal album. These guys aren’t covering up a lack of talent, so it’s disappointing to hear good songwriting buried under an avalanche of crappy production. If I want to listen to really awesome music with garbage sound quality, I’ve got a whole stack of Darkthrone CDs sitting on my shelf.


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