Bodies Obtained
"I Cry When You Cry"

(Finding You Attractive 2010)Bodies Obtained - I Cry When You Cry

There's no crying in baseball and there's not much emotion in The Bodies Obtained's third full-length release, "I Cry When You Cry." That's not so much a criticism as an observed point. Amidst a bevy of electronic pulses, monotone and robotic vocals may deliver descriptive, thoughtful lyrics but the stern coldness of the delivery makes you feel as though they're originating from a lifeless robot.

"I Cry When You Cry" plays with The Bodies Obtained's influences in clear sight. The band start things off with the rigid but whimsical pop of Kraftwerk on tracks like "Into The Light" and "Are You Happy There?" Later The Bodies Obtained moves more towards a more abstract Throbbing Gristle sound, such as on the dark and ethereal "Pandemic." With a high-pitched Morse Code-like rhythm tapped out between verses on "Don't Give Up On Me," the band build the listener's anticipation with eerie electronics and an approach that, compared to the album's start, is relatively minimal. By the album's end, it's morphed into little more than stream of consciousness meets spoken word delivered over textured instrumentation ("Where Do We Belong?").

While The Bodies Obtained executes "I Cry When You Cry" with a clean, experienced hand that is tasteful and never over the top, the album can drag and feel lifeless. Where the album's influences generally created something new with its own soul, a living breathing sound, The Bodies Obtained get their mechanical gears stuck. The result is that "I Cry When You Cry" can come across more as The Bodies Obtained is being controlled by their machine instead of being in control of it.


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