"Black Butterfly"

(Self-Released 2008)Bombs - Black Butterfly

The Bombs are a Los Angeles-based garage rock duo consisting of guitarist/vocalist Michael Van London and drummer/vocalist Rhianon Jones. They’ll get compared to The White Stripes because of those similarities. Other than that, they aren’t really the same at all. There’s nothing very original or captivating about their debut, “Black Butterfly.” The tracks aren’t awful, but they’re easily forgotten and kind of bland.

The album opens with “Da Bomb,” an intro that basically takes three minutes and 25 seconds to tell you that they’re “the bomb.” Repeatedly. After getting over that annoying opener, you’ll be delightfully surprised by its follow-up, “The Shakes.” This one is much better and probably should’ve been the first track on the record. I wasn’t wowed by anything on this album, but I’ve heard worse. I’ll continue by saying that this band isn’t that bad. The songs aren’t terribly written and most of the songs are interesting enough to want to listen through to the end. Some of them are even fun. The hand-clapping in “Shake Me” is a good time, but it’s the shortest track on the album, clocking in at 1:28. The album closes with the slow and dreadful “Spirit In The Night,” which almost made me forget all of the album’s decent parts.

The Bombs aren’t breaking any new ground here, and I wouldn’t describe them as “the bomb” in any manner. You could do worse if you’re looking for a garage band to check out, but you could also do a lot better. I’d recommend avoiding this all together and just listening to the debut Strokes album again.


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