(Self-Released 2005)Boroughs - Ostrich

New York City is known for its rough punk rock, played with wild abandon. It is a feeling that was embodied, perhaps best, by The Ramones. It was this sound that inspired and continues to inspire The Boroughs of Astoria, Queens. The rock trio put a punk spin on their EP "Ostrich" that is more about the traditional punk sound than today's punk rockers who shock for attention.

The Boroughs shamelessly lift part of the thrashing instrumentation from The Ramones' "I Wanna Be Sedated" for parts interspersed throughout the EP's pounding opening track "Gone Too Far." The EP's title track is bright and bouncy with a definite attitude of fun while "Dine 'N Ditch" continues in the same vein with a similar riff rock sound. The band abandon the fun and bouncy sound for a slightly more aggressive tone on "Trust Fund" before "Disappointed" takes a more pop punk rock approach.

Undoubtedly The Boroughs have the attitude and love for their music. But the band's "Ostrich" EP falls short, lacking in energy and having any track that forcefully grabs you and will not let go. The Boroughs are the kind of band that you can easily buy into and see playing, soaked in sweat, in some tiny bar or dive. The band's "Ostrich" EP gets The Boroughs off on the right foot, but something suggests the surface has barely been scratched for this trio.


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