Bouncing Souls
"Ghosts on the Boardwalk"

(Chunksaah Records 2010)Bouncing Souls - Ghosts on the Boardwalk

The Bouncing Souls, despite being together for around twenty-three years, have never really achieved the success of their fellow peers in the punk scene. However, they are firm underground favorites and have retained widespread respectability through the punk scene via never having signed with a major record label. So is their eighth album and the first in four years actually any good?

Indeed it is. One of the best things about The Bouncing Souls is that their songs perfectly capture the punk spirit. Instead of self indulgent overly-political lyrics, the songs instead are about living life to the full and enjoying your short time on earth. Songs like opening track "Gasoline" and "We All Sing Along" make you feel happy to be alive with positive life affirming messages and superbly addictive choruses.

"Badass" is the only weak point on the album. Its lyrics sound like they were written by a bunch of drunken teenagers. However the song itself may be a parody of other songs like it. If so it's a superb parody. If not it's a track that stands out as the only blimp on the album.

Highlights of the album include "Boogie Woogie Downtown" which is unlike the other songs on the album in that it is quite a mellow track about living for the here and now. The reason it stands out is that it is a song that you wouldn't expect to find on an album practically made for mosh-pits. "Never Say Die/When You're Young" is the best song on the album. The song is split in two parts. The first part is up-tempo and can easily be considered a skater anthem. The second part decreases the tempo and is a message to every teenager from somebody who is experienced to hold onto what makes you who you are. What makes it so excellent is Greg Attonito's superb vocals and extremely poignant lyrics.

It is also worth mentioning Pete Steinkopf's superb guitar work on the whole album which helps disprove that punk is only for guitar players who can play a handful of chords.

Overall, however, despite being an extremely entertaining album there are no songs that will be breaking down the boundaries of the punk genre. However if you want an album that will have you jumping up and down and screaming with enjoyment then this is the album for you.


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