Boxing Lesson

(Send Me Your Head Records 2004)Boxing Lesson - Radiation

It is an ethereal, atmospheric tone that gives the Boxing Lesson's "Radiation" its light, fluid sound. Blended seamlessly with Paul Waclawsky's swooning and soaring Thom Yorke style vocals and smooth, strong guitar, it is a steady rhythm section that holds the seemingly fragile yet undoubtedly strong songs together. And while "pop" is a less than accurate description, it does not seem completely unsuitable as the appealing, but not overly powerful, melodies swirl.

With songs seemingly placed in safe, airy bubbles, whirling, the Boxing Lesson is relaxed, if not somber and a bit moody, such as on the album's title track, "Radiation." "Breaking my own heart/And I'm not afraid to feel," Waclawsky confesses, comforting himself and ushering the quiet song into a full rock sound. "Pharmacy" and "Dream Away" appeal for your ear with lighter melodies to grab a hold of, the latter accented by slide guitar and a soaring chorus.

The Boxing Lesson are serious in their attempt to perfect the structure of their songs -- a quiet, fragile beginning building to a full, comfortable power -- on "Radiation" by way of repetition. Or perhaps it is, instead, a further investigation of a side that the Boxing Lesson hinted at on their self-titled debut EP. Gentle melodies set you swaying and lightly tapping your foot despite the Boxing Lesson's avoidance at throwing you any wide variety of song.


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