Boxing Lesson
"The Boxing Lesson"

(Send Me Your Head Records 2003)Boxing Lesson - The Boxing Lesson

Although The Boxing Lesson's self-titled demo EP only has four tracks, none of them really sound the same and none of them really sound completely different. Overlapping only enough that you can recognize the same band is, indeed, playing all of the tracks, the EP covers good ground from quiet and calm to rapid paced riffs while the melodies tend to be in the vocals.

Within the first few notes of the EP's opening track, "Mexican Disguise," The Boxing Lesson bring to mind The Beatles' "Because" or the slower parts of their song "I Want You (She's So Heavy)" as the song slowly develops while distorted guitar swirls around and the song decelerates again. The band follows a similar structure on the extremely likable "Motorola" but sound completely different. Starting somberly, "Motorola" then begins shifting into a rock direction for a long and cool instrumental part that leads to the end. "It's always after the fact with you/You never know where you're coming from/With your Motorola and your opinions/You can't see past your face," sings vocalist/guitarist Paul Waclawsky on "Motorola." The daintier in comparison "Every Bite Tastes the Same" offers a break in the action without boring or taking the energy down too much. The EP's final track, "Hard to Fake," incorporates more of a groove that is carried by a strong bass line through spacey but calm verses that pick up for a quick moving and instrumentally tight second half and proves to be a strong ending.

The Boxing Lesson's self-titled EP demo has an incredible replay quality where you can listen to it two or three times in a row, because of its four tracks in twenty-three minutes length, and not feel uninterested. Chances are that you could hear something new on both listens. The Boxing Lesson achieves exactly what they should on a demo -- pull the listener in and leave them wanting more.


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