Brendan Breen
"More Than Ever"

(Self-Released 2003)Brendan Breen - More Than Ever

Having a record which stands out and gets people's attention is difficult, doubly so on a debut. Not to mention that if the artist is a solo artist, not a band, all focus lies solely on that person. On Brendan Breen's debut album, "More Than Ever," he attempts to get your attention, in just less than thirty minutes, with his rock meets adult contemporary sounding songs.

Opening with "Better Day," the listener is introduced to Breen's faintly Eddie Vedder/Scott Stapp tinged vocals and his, comparatively, soft rock soft. Reminding of Savage Garden when his vocals go falsetto, "One Last Time" has a traditional feel to it and is complemented nicely by strings, as are several other songs. "More Than Ever," with Breen's vocals a bit too intense, sounds familiar with a reasonably predictable melody. Acoustic guitar provides the intro for "Serenity," in a John Mayer sort of way, and continues throughout the song, although it becomes somewhat more subdued as the rest of the instruments join in for a balanced sound. Offering a romantic side, "Speak Tonight" has a bit of a catchy pop sound while "Isolation Room" is soft and slow with strings and percussion serving as the main instrumentation. Quick and catchy, "Jacob" offers a nice chance of pace from the previous two tracks while closing track "Train," begins slow and romantic with an interesting droning sound that gradually develops into more.

"More Than Ever" has nice, well-performed instrumentation, it is what it should be for the album and the songs. But the album seems to be missing something. Perhaps it is the lack of certain energy or a greater degree of difficulty. With that said, Breen's album will certainly appeal to some fans and is a respectable debut.