Brian Donahue
"Strangest Love"

(Self-Released 2004)Brian Donahue - Strangest Love

Less is more. And Brian Donahue knows how to make less sound like so much more. His soft vocals and smooth instrumentation build from nothing to fill the room. Each of the nine tracks which make up "Strangest Love" come with a carefully crafted melody.

With a hint of Savage Garden-esque sighing vocals, "Useless" is a gentle but melodic song. Adding acoustic guitar, "Today Was My Home" is lighter and calmer while slide guitar offers a feeling of longing. "Hurricane" is a breathless whisper set to a mild tempo. Donahue swells to a full chorus on "Melting Ice" with a broader appeal. A calm ballad, "Lullabye" intrigues your imagination by way of the vivid lyrics while being set to a clock-like rhythm. Guitar chords shimmer as bass comes through on the evenly intense "Strangest Love." Fragile and soft, "The Waves" is barely there before the full instrumentation of "Hymn For Devotion," rhythmic and quicker. Textured with crackling static, "Stewardess" is quiet, relying on Donahue's voice.

Embodying a unique vocal style, "Strangest Love" shows Donahue's distinct ability for brighter songs as well as fragile ballads. Never going over the top, the album is understated as it tries to beckon and call out to you.


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