(Self-Released 2003)

Mix vocals, sometimes screaming, with battering guitar and thumping bass and hammering percussion, even some piano for one tune, to create songs that are an appealing mix of rock, punk and hardcore. Then, slide it down a notch with less than stellar mastering. The result is "Sciencia," a five song EP, from Austin, Texas' Brokenheartsclub that shows promise even if it the recorded quality is not the greatest.

"Take It And Make It Your Own," the EP's opening track is high energy with a punk and a slightly thrashing edge to it with screaming vocals every now and then. One of the main issues with the EP is simply the recording as it sounds flat or cloudy a majority of the time, despite the fact that the music is, clearly, anything but flat. "Sapentia" begins a bit darker sounding with quiet vocals that open up, becoming louder as drums and bass pound in the background of screaming vocals and a simple but well placed riff. Somewhat more poppy, "Best Intentions" has nonstop instrumentation that reminds of The Remedy Sessions. Brokenheartsclub close the EP with "Corpus Christi," a piano ballad that shows some variety and a different side of them. "This town has ears but no one hears me/They hear only words, words with no meaning/I'll sit right here, I'll just be scared," Brokenheartsclub declare on the stripped "Corpus Christi" ballad.

"Sciencia" is not pop punk, lacking that style's typical syrupy, poppy melody, but has some of the same sensibilities -- some good riffs and some teen angst-oriented lyrics. Instead of mindless riffs and melodies, Brokenheartsclub offer something more interesting to listen to that still sticks in your mind days later. "Sciencia" is likely to find more than a few fans. And if those fans are smart, they will demand the songs be re-mastered.