Broken Poets

(WordVendor Records 2003)Broken Poets - Reincarnation

Broken Poets' "Reincarnation" rocks and rolls in a way that separates it from the derivative mainstream rock. Instead opting for a different feel, "Reincarnation" lives in and for the moment with energy and vigor. Broken Poets' reveal that things do get better with each new beginning -- each reincarnation.

As instrumentally led as vocally, "The Soul" is a mid tempo rock song that draws the listener in. Edgier and engaging, "Factory Head" is proactive in getting your attention. "Prestidigitation" offers a more rhythmic sound that hints at melodic and familiar while "If You Believe" is slower, but retains its rough edges.

Broken Poets offer a poppier sound on the gentle "For A Reason" and "Anybody's Song," which sees Poet Tim McDonald lamenting, "For every reason that you fall in love, is a reason you're alone again." A slow, more thoughtful pace is set on the smooth sounding "Human Wheel". "When You're Done" draws the listener in with understatedly catchy chorus as, like with all the songs on the album, electric guitar serves to emphasize and compliment both in solos and by adding to verses. Up tempo and more aggressive, Broken Poets discuss a little religion on "If God Comes Back Now," declaring "And if you say it too loud/No one's gonna listen anyway." Slow, simple chords building to a fuller instrumentation, "To Be Alive" takes "Reincarnation" out with a rock ballad.

It is McDonald's lively vocals and notable electric guitar solos that highlight "Reincarnation." While the album is vibrant, it is also familiar and friendly. The sounds entwine for a nearly seamless result.


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