"The Bronx"

(Island 2006)Bronx - The Bronx

Signed to Island Def Jam after only a handful of live shows, The Bronx must have that special something that instantly intrigues people. The California hardcore band keeps their second full-length release moving with a constant push and shove of high energy, full force audio assaults that are anything but thoughtless.

Hard hitting instrumentation pounds on "Shitty Future" as darkly melodic vocals join in on the action. Thrashing rock comes through on "Oceans Of Class" and "History's Stranglers," controlling the band's instrumental aggression for a strong result. The gritty guitar riffs drive the pumping "Around The Horn" and "Rape Zombie" while "Three Dead Sisters" speeds by screaming. The Bronx's vocalist, Matt Caughthran, is more talented than the early tracks of the album might let on. Switching from screaming to really singing and showcasing a great strength and versatility, the slightly gruff vocals shine on the relatively stripped down "Dirty Leaves" and the bouncy "Safe Passage."

In the midst of the thrashing and grinding instrumentation, The Bronx work melodies into their songs. The result is a fuller sound that keeps things solid and adds some depth instead of lightening the overall feel of the self-titled album. The Bronx's variety of sounds and the chances that they take help to make them more than just a hardcore band or just a punk band, but more a rock band.


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