"Crossing the Invisible Line"

(Sanctuary Records 2004)Buddahead - Crossing the Invisible Line

From the mind and soul of Raman Kia, Buddahead is a seamless blending of pop with powerful rock. With strong melodies and the ideal amount of repetition, "Crossing the Invisible Line" is one long fluid sigh that lasts for forty minutes with few interruptions.

Charismatic and melodic, Buddahead's full, smooth sound is delivered strongly on "When I Fall." Kia's lungs are seemingly limitless as his vocals climb on the chorus of the rhythmic and slightly dark sounding "Holding Me Back." And, of course, there are plenty of gentle ballads folded into the mix, such as "Chains" and "Take It All Away." "It hurts, the way you play./You stone me to see if I can break in two easily," Kia sings in misery on "Chains." While on "Broken," Buddahead focus on rock and guest musician John Popper adds harmonica to the low key and delicate "Invisible."

Raman Kia is like a cocktail of Jimmy Gnecco of Ours and Rufus Wainwright as he takes on the Buddahead moniker and leads it with his fragile but strong vocals and emotional, thoughtful lyrics. "Crossing the Invisible Line" flows into sugary pop without leaving anything up.


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