Burning Effigies
"Pipe Dream"

(Cynical Records 2005)Burning Effigies - Pipe Dream

"Put this in your pipe and smoke it." That is what The Burning Effigies seem to say on the band's debut full-length release, "Pipe Dream." With a fair amount of lightheartedness and humor, "Pipe Dream" see-saws wildly between funky, groove driven tunes and soft easy listening jazz, meeting somewhat haphazardly in the middle. The Burning Effigies make "Pipe Dream" work by fueling it with their charisma and an obvious bit of fun.

That black and white footage of synchronized swimmers from decades ago always showed the women performing to soft music full of oohing and aahing. The Burning Effigies put a modern spin on that sound with the smooth and velvety "On The Way." Pumping obnoxiously like a bad dance song, "Late Nights And Lie Ons" starts to make you cringe before the funk and grooves of "Plug & Play" makes the cringe complete. Disco returns with a vengeance for the soft "Get Down With Me" as falsetto vocals chirp. "Village Of The Damned" bounces brightly like a show tune that seems ready for the next off-off-off Broadway production to visit your town.

A lighthearted and entertaining break from the daily doldrums, The Burning Effigies offers little else on "Pipe Dream." The Dublin, Ireland based quartet's music swings between clunky sounding show tunes and funky rhythms, all while remaining with a light and airy tone, for a diverse but somewhat unfocused effect that is cheesy half the time. Entertaining? Sure, but once that initial high wears off, "Pipe Dream" might be little more than a forgotten dream.


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