Burton L.
"Spy Life"

(Omega Point Records 2004)Burton L. - Spy Life

Does 007 write and record music during his time off from work? Probably not. But if he did, would it be at all like Burton L.'s "Spy Life?" A relaxed trip through thirteen tracks, "Spy Life" is occasionally catchy, occasionally humorous but always interesting with its selection of rhythms beating as Burton L. delivers his lines.

Indeed, Burton L. could not seem any more comfortable as he sings on the fuzz-heavy electronic verses which meet a quiet piano chorus on "Groggy" and the light and memorable "Need." The quick pulsing and Burton's half spoken delivering of "It's So Easy (To Love You)" grabs you as does the trip hop sound of "Soft To A Dead Man" and the sleeker "Can't Breathe." Meanwhile, Burton also dabbles with guitar: "Beautiful Sunshine Eyes" is gently melodic while "Spy Life" is clean and catchy and "Maze" goes for pop power. Samples churn and beats pop on the funky "Planet Kid" for something different. Less structure dominates the end of the album as "Dark Liver," "Real Ize," and "Summer Camp" let loose without indulging.

Burton L.'s vocal style is comfortable and ideal for his style of music. He comes across earnestly even when delivering less than serious lines. "Spy Life" is cool and self assured, and rightly so, as Burton L. flexes his musical muscles.