Cancer Bats
"Hail Destroyer"

(Black Market Activities 2008)Cancer Bats - Hail Destroyer

On "Hail Destroyer," their sophomore full-length release, Toronto's Cancer Bats are kicking up some dust with their tornado-like music. "Hail Destroyer" comes flying into town and, twelve songs later, you're left with the remains. With that high energy mixture of hardcore, punk and metal, Cancer Bats cite bands such as Refused and Black Flag as their influences but it's their current peers like The Bronx that really come to mind.

"Children of nothing this is our song," announces singer Liam Cormier on the album's opening and title track over high energy thrashing that is sure to induce some headbanging. Slower guitar riffs with a deliberate heaviness dig in deep for "Bastard's Waltz" while "PMA 'Til I'm DOA" offers a bit of a heavy metal boogie. "Sorceress" sets off spinning, a veritable cyclone that tears apart everything its path, before the Cancer Bats offer one last full-forth throttling with pounding hardcore on "Zed's Dead, Baby" which sees Cormier gravely screaming, with perhaps a nod to one of their influences, that "she told me I'd be better off dead."

If Cormier didn't have a sore throat before recording "Hail Destroyer," he certainly did by the end of their sessions as the gravel voiced singer pushes his vocal chords and his lungs as much as his bandmates batter their instruments. Add to that the band showing off guests like Rise Against's Tim McIlrath, Alexisonfire's Wade MacNeil and Billy Talent's Benjamin Kowalewicz and it's clear that Cancer Bats are one to watch. Assuming, that is, that you weren't watching already.


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