Candygram For Mongo
"Candygram For Mongo"

(Self-Released 2008)Candygram For Mongo - Candygram For Mongo

It does not take long listening to Candygram For Mongo's self-titled sophomore album to figure the band out. Candygram For Mongo is a band that likes to have a good time. But this Los Angeles-based band does not want to party alone (who does?) so they are ready to woo you by bringing sharp riffs and bounding pop melodies to match their larger than life high energy sound. Never too rowdy or too rough, Candygram For Mongo's brand of pop punk rock is likable and delivers on the promise that it makes of having a good time.

Candygram For Mongo might be forward thinking modern pop rock but they know where they came from. "Meltdown" adopts the electric and quirky style of the B-52's while steady drums set the quick pace of the rockabilly swagger of "Big Mary" and, similarly, the familiar bass riff on "Rock To Live" adds a '50s surfer rock flair. Elsewhere the band drops all pretensions and opts for a big sound. "Fairfax Avenue" comes steamrolling in while the shouted chorus of "I Love It" offers an unadulterated pop hook. On "Drunk In Love," Candygram For Mongo offer an Irish punk rocker with pounding music and a cheering chant.

cdCandygram For Mongo might be ready to party at the drop of a hat, but they obviously take their work seriously. The band makes their self-titled album an instrumentally sound one that is clean and well executed. While not always the most original or unique, Candygram For Mongo are too busy rocking out to care.


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