Candygram For Mongo
"The Red Pill"

(C4 Media 2006)Candygram For Mongo - The Red Pill

Los Angeles modern punk rockers Candygram For Mongo offer upbeat, bouncy music with a touch of humor and pop on their debut album "The Red Pill." The quartet list bands like Led Zeppelin, The Clash and The Dropkick Murphys as influences and the inspiration from those bands shows through in Candygram For Mongo's songs.

Rougher and dirtier, guitar riffs chug and resonate a psychedelic sound on "Moon" while, similarly, "Rich Girl" hurries by with quick instrumentation. A swirling, churning melody mixes with the band's humorous lyrics on "Porkchop" as the dynamic "Happy" steps up and offers a fuller sound that takes charge. Candygram For Mongo throw you for a loop with the light and bouncy 50s style soda shop tune "Bleed For It," even adding a smatter of piano, while the gentle ballad "Girlfriend" offers more than a hint of resentment as Candygram For Mongo's Tony Shea promises he "won't call you a slut." Elsewhere the bass heavy instrumental "Intermission" offers cymbals crashing over free styling electric guitar.

Candygram For Mongo have all the right ingredients for rock from their laidback attitude laced with a punk feel to their ability to jump right in head first. With some minor tweaks, such as to the lead vocals which boom over the instrumentation, Candygram For Mongo could tighten "The Red Pill" up and make it a more balanced album that pulls you in with every riff played and every note sung.


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