Cape May
"Glass Mountain Roads"

(Flemish Eye Records 2007)Cape May - Glass Mountain Roads

Steve Albini is legendary in the music scene for his work with Nirvana, The Pixies and many others but it might be his recent work as producer for The Cape May's "Glass Mountain Roads" that will offer not only some surprises but will intrigue some serious listens. The Alberta, Canada-based band The Cape May offer a lonely and distant sound on their sophomore release by way of light instrumentation interwoven with melodic guitar riffs.

The band build from a quiet start on "Copper Tied," turning the distant melody into a warmer sound and getting more comfortable as they fill the song in with buzzing guitars and a rougher, fuller sound. Strings offer a smooth and dark twist to the album as "Still Island" adds a looser sound, cymbals crashing. Serene, elongated notes wash over listeners on the light "Mari" when piano steps in to carry the melody. On "Catch Your Words," Cape May condense their music even further, taking things in a quieter, more minimal direction as harmonica gently accents the song while "Desert House" takes a similar approach before thick guitar builds, filling in the holes.

The Cape May exercise patience and caution throughout "Glass Mountain Roads." But while they take their time and test their endurance, they never offer extravagance with excessive instrumentation or rambling interludes. Subdued melodies twinkle over steady drumming for a result that forces your brain to translate the moody songs. The Cape May offer a haunting sound that is difficult to shake with "Glass Mountain Roads."


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