(Robotic Empire 2008)Capsule - Blue

It’s tough to root against Capsule. Listening to the Miami trio’s first full-length, “Blue,” it’s obvious a ton of heart goes into their post-hardcore nailbombs; this won’t earn them fame or fortune, but would attract a legion of devoted fans if there was any justice in the musical world. We’re not talking meathead, knuckle-dragging hardcore; this is intelligent ‘core in the vein of Converge or Circle Takes the Square, with shades of the Dillinger Escape Plan.

For the first four tracks, lasting all of six minutes, Capsule can do absolutely no wrong. Six-string grenades explode, sending white-hot shards of piercing fretwork through all kinds of time signatures. Mazes of improbable angles fold in on themselves before imploding under the pressure. Chaos is law, and all is good. But then “Determinal” hits, which stretches out to almost nine minutes, which is a loooong time after the track ceased to be interesting. “Blue/Green” follows up, lazily rolling by on strands of bleary guitar strains. “Flowerpower” sets the ship back on course straight through closer “Going Home.” That is, until Capsule pull the old “five minutes of silence until the ‘bonus’ track hits” routine.

“Blue” works best when its architects are throwing quick, sharp jabs; their long, looping haymakers aren’t quite knockout blows. Some more judicious sequencing would have been nice, as those two aforementioned songs in the middle really flush the momentum down the toilet. But really, that’s about the only knock on an album full of compact, effective body blows. As your friend and mine The Dude would undoubtedly advise, Capsule should stick to the whole brevity thing, man.


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