Cary Brothers
"Who Are You"

(Bluhammock Music 2007)Cary Brothers - Who Are You

"Who Are You," the debut album from Cary Brothers, is a full fifty minutes of sentimental cheese that at best sounds like the poorest moments of Snow Patrol mixed with something "fresh" but equally as awful, such as the Fray. Basically, this is an album full of tracks that could've been used in Dawson's Creek or The O.C. had they not been (thankfully) put to sleep. Despite its shortcomings and obvious delusions of musical grandeur, this should sell a bucket-load of records, it is highly radio-friendly, there's no effin' or jeffin' and its target audience is very definite. Fans of the Goo Goo Dolls and post-"These Days" Bon Jovi will lap this up like a kitten would a saucepan of milk whilst fans of more sophisticated music will probably just assume that Cary Brothers is a local convenience store rather than simply musical pap.

Thirty minutes into the album and you could easily be mistaken for believing the previous moments to have been one very long song, getting to the end of the bonus track "Blue Eyes" (a track which was used on Cary's chum Zach Braff's film Garden State) is an arduous task, a task that is not in the slightest bit rewarding.

Track eleven "Precious Lies" does house an amiable piece of piano tinkering, however wading through the at best nonsensical: "You were so in love / I was so inspired / The stones are thrown / It's all laid bare / My non-stick mind was hardly there / So you are my precious lie / I sold you out for one last high" leaves nothing but a bitter taste in ones mouth.


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