"¡Bailamos Morimos Juntos!"

(Omega Point Records 2005)Casionauts - ¡Bailamos Morimos Juntos!

When the Casionauts combine their light, generally, upbeat lilting electronic melodies with their aggressive punk styled music, the two come together for a mix that is part dance party and part mosh pit. The band's EP "¡Bailamos Morimos Juntos!" may be dominated by excessively long song titles, but that alone gives a feeling of what can be expected of this Michigan-based band.

Quick moving electro-punk dominates, with vocals screaming jarringly, on the menacing sounding "Destroy Illinois, Please" and "I Came Here To Kick Ass And Chew Bubble Gum (And I'm All Out Of Bubble Gum)." Drums crash all over the place on "A Horse Is A Corpse Of Course Unless Of Course That Horse Is The Wonderful Mr Dead" as an upbeat melody floats lightly over the otherwise dense instrumentation. The Casionauts make a sharp turn unexpectedly when soft melodies take over on the indie rock sounding "Or How I Learned To Love Mitosis." Guitar and keyboard melodies and drums blend and culminate over shrieking vocals and squeaking sound effects on "Return Of the Night of the Dawn of the Day of the Living Dead-Alive; Biker Zombies From Detroit: A Jet Rock n' Roll Film. Apocalypse. Holocaust."

The Casionauts' "¡Bailamos Morimos Juntos!" comes across as hip with their pretentious titles and the fierceness that the band possess that transforms their music and makes it, simultaneously, thrash and glide. The band's "fuck them" attitude adds a malevolent feeling that puts a shiver down your spine while the piping electro melodies put a hesitant skip in your step.