"Past Lies And Former Lives"

(Needlepoint Records 2007)Cat-A-Tac - Past Lies And Former Lives

Four years after forming and two years after releasing an introductory EP, Cat-A-Tac has finally released their debut full-length, "Past Lies and Former Lives." While fans waited patiently, Cat-A-Tac had time to take their time and get their songs in order. On the new release, this band from the Mile-High City offers a gentle but energetic blend of indie with psychedelic shoegazer. Cat-A-Tac soars and flies effortlessly on "Past Lies and Former Lives" with their weightless melodies and soft vocals that complement each other so well.

Guitar oriented riff rock leads tracks like the upbeat opening track "Needles and Pins" while a catchy mid tempo groove gets toes tapping and heads bobbing along on "Credit Whore." Sweet and twinkling melodies blend with calm vocals for a blissful result on tracks like "Respite" and the barely two-minute long ballad "Nothing Against You." The pulsing rhythm and melodic riffs of "Selling Out" continues, nearly uninterrupted, on to "Powder." For "Burned," Cat-A-Tac turn their amps up for a soft buzzing atmosphere before "Jesus Won't Save You And I" comes chugging up like a train, the dreamy vocals adding balance.

An unassuming and modest release, "Past Lies and Former Lives" shows Cat-A-Tac to be a band that is confident and self assured. Not needing to play to the listener, Cat-A-Tac deliver their music with an honest air on "Past Lies and Former Lives" as their riffs are never too rough and their melodies never too syrupy. Cat-A-Tac instead offers a dreamy blend that is delicate and dizzying.


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