Chasing Victory

(Mono Vs Stereo 2007)Chasing Victory - Fiends

Somewhere between hardcore and hard rock is Georgia band Chasing Victory. The band's sophomore release is difficult to pin down to simply one rock genre as the band incorporate churning, grinding guitar riffs, screamo style vocals as well as power pop choruses. But in this overly commercialized society in which we live, Chasing Victory offer songs about selling out and using sex to sell. It seems only appropriate that Chasing Victory would be equally challenged when forced into a box based on their sound.

"Fiends" relies heavily on instrumental hooks instead of vocals to deliver memorable songs. Vibrant guitar riffs ricochet violently amidst screamed vocals on "King of the Carp" before heavy riffs are grinded out on the catchy and rocking "G.O.B. vs Tony Wonder." While a soaring pop chorus picks up where the sinister falsetto verses of "The Skeleton Key To A Skeleton" leave off, frontman Adam Harrell swears he will make you love him. With "Dr. Jekyll/Stephen Hyde," Chasing Victory takes things in a different direction with a slower rhythm and more melodic vocals that rely too heavily on the chorus as Harrell loosens up with intentionally sloppy vocals.

Half of Chasing Victory's "Fiends" is memorable as it assaults you with engaging and edgy instrumentation. The other half is well performed but uninspired regurgitation influenced by popular bands like My Chemical Romance. Chasing Victory may get your attention with some of the tracks on "Fiends," but likely will not keep it.


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