Chesterwhite & His Orchestra
"Chesterwhite & His Orchestra"

(Erroneous Records 2004)Chesterwhite & His Orchestra - Chesterwhite & His Orchestra

Chesterwhite, also known as Donny Dykowsky, croons with the energy and determination of any glam rock star on the debut self-titled record from his band, Chesterwhite & His Orchestra. Blending fifties and sixties rock 'n' roll together, the band achieve a nostalgic sound that is anything but outdated. What is more is that the David Bowie's "Moonage Daydream" makes an appearance as Chesterwhite and friends cover the classic.

Dykowsky's smooth vocals croon, soaring up and down, on "Low" as it skips along. A reserved riff sets "Love Song" bouncing and the bass thumping "Galley Slave" rides on a wave of power. Chesterwhite remain faithful, mostly, to Bowie's "Moonage Daydream," letting Dykowsky's vocals really shine while his orchestra creates a scene on "12 O'Clock High," with guitar solo squealing with the rest of the crashing instrumentation. A lyrically driven ballad, "More" is powered by the vivid lyrics, delivered in Dykowsky's rough around the edges vocals. The band creeps and slinks, thumping bass making its presence known, on "Father Frank's Crusade." Driven by high energy, "Kill This Town" and "On The Weekend" swing with a distinct retro fifties feel. Following in Bowie's footsteps, Chesterwhite & His Orchestra attempts some epic ballads: "Sunburn" builds slowly up and down as "No Other Love," perfect for a slow dance, focuses on feeling.

With an easy fluidity that remains constant throughout the album, the songs of Chesterwhite & His Orchestra seem daisy chained together, each remaining focused and complimenting to the rest of the album. There is no heavy duty production work here, clean but not overly polished to lose its sheen, Chesterwhite & His Orchestra are a welcome change.


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