Christ Punchers

(Self-Released 2005)Christ Punchers - MPLS

There is a definite minimalism to pop punk rockers Christ Punchers that speaks in their favor. In fact, it could almost be an insult to label their album "MPLS" as pop punk as it is clearly different than the sugar-coated songs that have come to represent the pseudo-genre. Devoid of lengthy and inexplicable tracks, this Minneapolis-based band delivers just what they promise. There is nothing more and nothing less. "MPLS" pulls no punches and efficiently rattles off seven tunes and a spoken track in just under nineteen minutes.

The Christ Punchers deliver just what you might expect from a punk album. Mid tempo guitar riffs drive the poppy "G-Spot," a duet with Susy Sharp. Guitar riffs create a jagged rhythm that rings sharply out on the chorus of "Fuck It" before the quick verses while on "The Verdict" the band confronts a bragging, spoiled friend that they do not seem to like very much ("you're the biggest jack-off we ever met") to a bouncing riff. On "2001," the band adds horns for a touch of ska that brings the melody and instrumentation together for a result that really works.

With a minimal running time, it would be easy to assume that there is no extra fat on "MPLS." This is true when the band gets its momentum going, such as on "2001." Taken at face value, the Christ Punchers have an attitude that is just aggressive enough to encourage listeners to give their songs a chance. On "MPLS," the band tells you and shows you how they are feeling and what has happened to them, in hopes that maybe something similar has happened to you.


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