Chuck Dukowski Sextet
"Reverse The Polarity"

(Nice & Friendly Records 2007)Chuck Dukowski Sextet - Reverse The Polarity

Today's music scene is one that is dominated by over hyped celebrity producers and excessively polished albums that focus on the bottom line instead of the soul of the music. Enter the Chuck Dukowski Sextet whose "Reverse The Polarity" is almost startling to listen to when compared to its current peers. The group's sophomore release is rough, raw and sloppy in an intentional and purposeful way. Frontwoman Lora Norton evokes Kim Gordon with her near monotone vocals and take no shit attitude; never mind that the snarling instrumentation behind her does little to kill the Sonic Youth comparison. But what else would you expect from a band featuring Dukowski, a founding member of Black Flag?

A pounded, thundering thrash sets off "Destruction" and helps to deliver the song's dark tone before it quickly spirals downward into a slow, heavy murkiness. On the other end of the spectrum, the Sextet adds a shrieking melody to "Flat Like Rats" that sets off its spacey dreaminess. Frantic guitar riffs match the punk rock attitude of "This For You" while elsewhere on "Made of Grease," the playful singsong riff and solo from guitar player Milo Gonzalez take the spotlight for, undoubtedly, the album's most memorable track. But "Open Up The Door" wins the ribbon for most carefully crafted with its meticulous acoustic guitar melody accented by Norton's vocals for a heavier effect.

It is a family affair for Dukowski as Norton just happens to be his wife and it seems like a pretty good guess that the child heard in between tracks is the apple of their eye. "Reverse The Polarity" is unapologetic rock that, once you get over that initial hurdle of the somewhat unexpected roughness, holds some gems that will have you rocking right along.


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