CJ Grogan

(Fake Chapter Records 2004)CJ Grogan - Newsongtoo

As the songs on CJ Grogan's "Newsongtoo" progress, Grogan's voice morphs to meet the challenges the songs request; heavy and rough becomes thoughtful and calm within the album's thirteen tracks. Consider Grogan a jack of all trades, gaining experience and providing some insight.

Grogan comes across broad and confident in "Truth Inside My Lies," the song of a toe tapping rock variety. Acoustic guitar leads into the focused and slow to mid tempo "Go," its chorus' made of a gently blended harmony. Grogan's vocals are strong on "Thrashing Doves," covering an expanse with a sigh as piano chords pulse in the background. "Chalk Circle" is rhythmic, banjo adding texture and interest before a bright chorus while "Bacharach" has more of a mellow, jazzy sound that is inviting and poppy. Driving rock and roll, "Colourblind" is straight forward and up tempo compared to the tranquil "Fall Down on Me," an acoustic guitar and vocal led tune that is accented with understated sitar in the background. Grogan, awkwardly, goes easy listening on "Painted Line" as "The Once in a While," solely acoustic guitar and vocals, uses quick instrumentation as unrushed vocals are added. Upbeat and poppy, "Turning the Beat" is driven by blended harmonies, sounding like it could be a sitcom theme song. Familiar and rhythmic, "Some of My" sounds vaguely like a Ryan Adams inspired rock and roll track. Grogan really focuses on the soft and intense "Newsongtoo" and the nice piano ballad, "Sort of a Lullaby."

Grogan touches, sometimes briefly, on a number of styles on "Newsongtoo," coming across with a polished, clean sound. It is difficult to determine this singer/songwriter as he goes rock one moment and showcases his conventional piano skills the next. And then there is that vague hint of Grogan's influences which add a familiar feel to his music.


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