"Live Revolution Rock"

(Sony Legacy 2008)Clash - Live Revolution Rock

Admit it: at some point or another you've been flipping through the TV channels, spotted some interesting musical or comedic performance from decades ago and stopped to watch. Except that it's paid advertising so there's some washed-up has been star "hosting" with awkward but obvious commentary in their best Casey Kasem voice. And, of course, the clips are inevitably from a new compilation that's gone straight to DVD. Now imagine being able to turn off that narration and just watch the video clips back-to-back. Undoubtedly that is the best feature of "Live Revolution Rock," the new DVD featuring performances by legendary punk rockers The Clash.

With twenty-two performances from 1977 to 1983, the DVD hits favorites like "I Fought The Law" live at London's Lyceum and "Should I Stay Or Should I Go" at Shea Stadium. What's more, the videos are relatively crisp and clear, shot from multiple angles, and paired with equally clean sounding audio. It's video watching that will take you back to the days before YouTube, y'know, when videos filled the screen. The less than stellar narration does, however, include tidbits from the band. Only problem is that the voices are never attributed via captions or faces; this makes it sometimes difficult to determine who the speaker is.

Taken as it is, "Live Revolution Rock" is, admittedly, taking advantage of the great interest in and undying devotion for The Clash. By no means a full featured documentary or all encompassing collection of live performance videos, "Live Revolution Rock" is, instead, a nice addition to supplement collections. But take my advice and just be sure to watch with the narration turned off once you've given it at least one listen. You'll thank me for it.


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