Cock Sparrer
"Here We Stand"

(Pirates Press Records 2009)Cock Sparrer - Here We Stand

Although Cock Sparrer’s “Here We Stand” was originally released in 2007 by Captain Oi! Records, Pirates Press Records have just re-released the album with a special bonus DVD. “Here We Stand” is Cock Sparrer’s first album since 1997’s “Two Monkeys,” which is impressive on its own. But when you consider that the British band released their first singles in 1997, it’s even more notable.

Not that you can tell that it’s been a decade since the band recorded an album. Each roughly three minute long track on “Here We Stand” delivers energy and experience albeit uncomplicated and formulaic. The opening electric guitar riff of “Spirit Of ‘76” carries the memorable song before dirty old men (aka "the band") cheekily make a play for the Suicide Girls by writing them their own song. The speeding and less poppy “Sussed” tears by with a slightly harder sound and a chorus that grabs your ear.

The bonus DVD, meanwhile, is an hour long. The first half is split between grainy home video footage shot over the last several years and the Pirates Press owner, somewhat awkwardly and indulgently, waxing poetic for a half-hour about the band and how he became involved with them. The second half of the DVD is a too brief interview with the individual band members that is far more informative and interesting.

Hardcore fans of Cock Sparrer will, no doubt, enjoy the bonus DVD but the real star is the album “Here We Stand.” Cock Sparrer deliver tight tunes that aren’t sugar coated or trying to be anything other than what they are. Instead, it’s all about being understated but with timeless messages. Put simply, “Here We Stand” is fun.


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