"Something Like Happiness"

(Self-Released 2005)Complements - Something Like Happiness

Toronto's The Complements seem to always see the silver lining. The pop country pair, made up of vocalist Nurit Suzana and acoustic guitar player and vocalist Kevin Zarnett, sing smooth upbeat melodies of learning from now ended relationships and moving on to greener pastures on their five-track EP "Something Like Happiness."

Zarnett leads on the upbeat pop melody of "Sweet Sorrow" while Suzana bounces on "Something Like Happiness." Slower country, accentuated with twangy guitar, drives "Just Another Sad Song" as Suzana and Zarnett's vocals blend together. Suzana's light vocals take control on delicate and thoughtful "Valley Green" and the bland love song "Beautiful Mistake."

The Complements' "Something Like Happiness" is dominated with tight instrumentation and strong vocals. But the subject matter of their songs and their sound has a recycled feeling. In our world dominated by pop music, skepticism and pessimism, "Something Like Happiness" might be medicine we just can not accept, or it might be just what the doctor ordered.