"Shout The Truth"

(Science Records 2008)Confide - Shout The Truth

Confide's "Shout the Truth" is a twelve track, 32 minute power record. Pure aggression matched with intricate guitar chords, and riffs that could shatter glass. Though mainly Christian lyrics, they don't preach to believe, but to hope, and to know that there is more out there than just bitterness and despair. These lyrics aren't screamed, but yelled in an arousing manner. As if every single word has meaning and value. The guitar work is phenomenal for a hardcore band. Though not in such a way where there is pure shredding to color the backdrop painted by the drums and bass. Instead riffs and heavy pounding that cut through, and make their way forward to act as a catalyst for powerful vocals.

Confide breaks in the middle of the album for a beautifully written interlude. The "song" "00:00" is a serenade put in place for a breathing point. Listening to this album all the way through, with no break, would prove to be exhausting. In the midst of this slow paced song, "00:00" starts up again, staying true the rest of the album, with absolute honest and raw power. The album continues with brutality and force.

Stand out tracks include "If I Were A Sinking Ship," "Can't See The Forest For The Trees," and "I Am Scared of Me." The hardcore scene is in need of a fresh face to lead the revolution, and Confide might just be the pioneers we've all been waiting for. To look over this album would be a mistake. This is not a band to just write off as another cookie cutter rendition everyone is sick of.


buy it!