"De Donde Eres"

(Bloodshot Records 2008)Cordero - De Donde Eres

Queuing up Cordero's "De Donde Eres" in the stereo, letting the soft, melodic music dance out of the speakers, getting your foot tapping to the strong Latin rhythms: it's all enough to make me think twice about my decision to take German in high school. What's done is done. But while Cordero has been making the rounds for a while now, "De Donde Eres" marks their first full-length release that's entirely in Spanish and their first for Bloodshot Records.

Cordero's most notable trait is their likability. Frontwoman Ani Cordero comes across just like her vocals: sweet and understated. "Fin Del Mundo" is not rushed, gently finding its way over increasingly insistent percussion, as "La Yegua" is warm and quick-moving, tapping into traditional Latin rhythms. By the time Cordero hit "Ruleta Rusa," however, things are in full gear as the band go for a dreamy indie sound that is more energetic, getting things going while still preserving their quiet sound. Similarly, "La Musica Es La Medicina" opens up with a melody-rich chorus.

Ani Cordero's vocals are as delicate and crisp as ever and the instrumentation packs in full-bodied rhythms and sounds. Cordero have managed to find just the right balance, avoiding overpowering horns or meandering melodies. In many ways, despite their experience, Cordero are still very much a wallflower. While "De Donde Eres" translates, I'm told, to "Where are you from?" perhaps changing it to "Where have you been?" would be more appropriate. As this talented band has continued to fly under the radar, "De Donde Eres" and Bloodshot Records might just help them to break out.


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