Crystal Caravan
"The Crystal Caravan"

(Garageland Records 2009)Crystal Caravan - The Crystal Caravan

There are times in life when chaos just seems like the right thing to pursue. Let this be one of those times; for the noise rock style of growling garage gurus The Crystal Caravan makes you want to raise hell like never before. A fusion of lead singer Niklas “RG” Gustafsson’s melodic yet soulful vocals and spitting guitar riffs that reminisce in the style of Led Zeppelin or Wolfmother mix for quite an assault on the ears. What’s more, they come with an authentic Brit/American rock style that is hard to replicate…pumping rock from…Sweden?!

“Between the Mountain and the Spoon” blasts into the self-titled effort of The Crystal Caravan with a driving power; a memorable guitar riff with progressive drums that constantly push the song forward toward a rock and roll vortex. The party-styled “Tombstone Eyes” picks up right where its predecessor leaves off, somehow making your head bob subconsciously to the beat of the rolling snare and thumping kick drum. As the record progresses, tracks like “Dead Inside” provide a little more texture, adding sound effects and, at times, keyboard synth lines to show that they can be somewhat experimental when they want to be, too. Although some of the tunes tend to get lost in similarity across the spectrum, these Swedes do manage to throw a curveball or two in the mix, one being the album-closing “Desert King,” with its reverbed, gritty guitar solo intro.

The Crystal Caravan put forth a solid effort with their release on the well-fitting Garageland Records label, and craft something that they can truly be proud of. Whether the record will stay on your mind for some time to come or be lost forever in the abyss of rock and roll remains to be seen. But one thing’s for sure: this caravan is rolling out in a major way.


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