"Background Processes"

(Self-Released 2009)Daemon - Background Processes

Daemon Hatfield is dipping his toes in the proverbial pools of all things electronic. Dude DJ's in San Francisco, composes scores for countless plays and films, writes synth/pop under his main moniker Monster-0, and is even the Downloadable Games Editor for video game giant IGN Entertainment...but wait there's more! Obviously lacking creative outlets, Hatfield has started a side-project to release his instrumental, electronic/atmospheric impulses.

"Background Processes" is the self-released album of said instrumentals. Twenty-five tracks written from 2003-2009, spanning a wide range of tempos and styles thus creating a variety of moods, everything from contemplation to congratulation. In the least "Background Processes" is about an hour's worth of lush, sauntering, video-game background beats. But to most, it will be perceived as so much more.

The welcomed pop/synth similarities of M83 and The Postal Service unfold and blanket the listener's ears on "Telespel," "Kimodo," and the romantic robot prom-night theme "Cubicle." The futuristic and LED-bright tones on the majority of these tracks will be the major draws to Daemon's side project. My personal favorite, "Happy Every Day," has a wonderfully airy techno pulse with all the feel good summer-ness of Peter, Bjorn, and John's "Young Folks."

Monster-0 would be the recommended introduction to Hatfield's work, rife with easy-listening pop and accompanying vocals. But "Background Processes" has more than its fair share of catchy, feel good, intelligent electronic music, fully capable of soundtracking almost any activity.


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