"Face the Colossus"

(Season of Mist 2008)Dagoba - Face the Colossus

So, for all you non-Star Wars nerds out there: Dagobah is the planet Luke Skywalker visits to meet Yoda and start his training as a Jedi knight. He crashes his X-Wing into one of the planet’s swamps and…wait, what’s that? You don’t want to hear about Luke using the force? You want to know what the new record from French industrial metallers Dagoba is like? Are you sure? Because the minutiae of George Lucas’ fanboy fantasyland is infinitely more interesting than anything going down on “Face the Colossus.”

It’s almost hard to describe what the hell’s going on because the production reduces everything to a monochromatic mess of sound. Once you dig through the overcompressed muck, it doesn’t get any prettier. Guitarist Izakar manages zero memorable riffs over the album’s eleven songs, falling back exclusively on rote chugga-chugga that sound like third or fourth tier ideas Machine Head, Pantera, or Meshuggah had the good sense to leave on the cutting room floor. Drums? Double bass. Lots of it. As for the vocals, frontman Shawter (like shouter? Who cares.) opts for either passably decent growling or cleanish singing that could never be confused for being anywhere near in key. Oh, and there are some limp keyboards thrown in for good measure. Because why not?

So if all that sounds like something you’d be interested in, by all means, have at it. Or you could spend about an hour getting smacked in the groin by a two-foot tall green puppet doing backwards-speak. Either one is probably just as fun. We generally try and find some redeeming qualities in the music we review here, but…umm…the artwork is actually really sweet! Avoid “Face the Colossus” like a raging case of herpes, discerning metalheads should.


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