Darker My Love

(Dangerbird Records 2008)Darker My Love - 2

Before they were jamming and pumping out dreamy melodies punctuated by thick guitar riffs, Darker My Love were (pop) punk rockers. Darker My Love frontman Tim Presley was a member of The Nerve Agents as was drummer Andy Granelli, who is also ex-The Distillers. It's a fact that you might not know when listening to Darker My Love's "2." The band's sophomore full-length release brings to mind Dead Meadow and The Brian Jonestown Massacre with weightless, spacey, sometimes haunting, vocals and psychedelic influenced instrumentation.

Darker My Love use opening song "Northern Soul" as a sort of warm up, finding their stride over a tempo that's in no rush as distressed guitar effects snarl and squeal. Elsewhere they wrestle a low static from their instruments that acts as both texture and balance to the otherwise infectious and upbeat indie dream pop of tracks like "Talking Words" and "Two Ways Out." But their guitars take a far more commanding approach with the loose and rhythmic rocker "Blue Day." And it's the strings of the leisurely "All The Hurry & Wait" that bring to mind The Verve's "Bittersweet Symphony."

While some bands get caught up in their own jams and turn a three minute rock song into seven of self-indulgence, Darker My Love opt for some modesty. Only "some" because the band seems in no hurry to tie things up as instrumental endings often play themselves out but never outstay their welcome. "2" finds its own pace and Darker My Love follow the flow with a natural grace.


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