David Powers
"The Power of One"

(Mindride Records 2004)David Powers - The Power of One

Soaring power pop with smooth harmonies give David Powers' album "The Power of One" a calm and collected sound. Powers' makes his music with a definite ease that shows through on the effortless simplicity of the music. Throwing some catchy hooks into the mix, "The Power of One" is an lighter take on rock.

Powers blends his early 90s hard rock influences into his music, for a shade lighter sound, that shows on tracks like "Feeling All Right." It showcases not only pop rock but also incorporates some electric guitar licks. "The One" is quick, gritty and balanced while Powers recalls Van Halen with the upbeat "Lay It On Me."

While Powers is comfortable in his lead position, his guitar is his, generally, understated right hand man, so to speak, adding a feeling and flair that only an instrument can. "The Power of One" is appealing as it delivers the rock.


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