Daydream Nation
"Bella Vendetta"

(Elephant Stone Records 2004)Daydream Nation - Bella Vendetta

With a moniker probably borrowed from the Sonic Youth album of the same name, Daydream Nation's indie rock guitar-driven sound is unsurprising. But they have plenty to brag about and catch your attention. Daydream Nation boasts Hunter Crowley, formerly of Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Warlocks, as half the core duo and it certainly does not hurt that Brent Rademaker, of Beachwood Sparks and The Tyde, and Dave Koenig, Brian Jonestown Massacre, make appearances. Dreamy vocals blended with thick instrumental fuzz result in an attempt at the ideal shoegazer sound on Daydream Nation's sophomore full length release, "Bella Vendetta."

Daydream Nation seems to slowly deconstruct their sound over the course of the album. Starting the album with fuller songs like "Neon," as it flies on swirling guitars and an upbeat rhythm, and "The Everlasting," which struts with a heavier tone as drums pound against the soft vocals. By the end of "Bella Vendetta," guitarist and vocalist Pat Vaz's soft voice are pulled more into the forefront on "Runaway," pulling you in with its memorable melody. Elsewhere, simple but effective guitar melodies make tracks like "Satellites" easily likable. On the slow, full ballad, "A Passing Notion," the band remind of Oasis with their light and faraway sound while the stiff backbone of percussion on "Stop The Clocks" gives the sleepy melody shape and character.

Daydream Nation avoid overcomplicating things on "Bella Vendetta," instead letting each song define itself, whether that means an extended instrumental part or cutting the track. For Daydream Nation that means "Bella Vendetta" is unrushed, taking its own time to accomplish what it needs to. The result is clear when you hear the laidback melodies and let them fill your head.


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