DC to Daylight
"Xmas Murder '74"

(Urban Cheese Records 2002)DC to Daylight - Xmas Murder \'74

It is rare for an album to grab you at the first song and not let go until the end. This is especially true when the release is the band's debut. And it is even more difficult to make a good album when there are only, say, five songs on the album, as fewer songs mean they have to be that much tighter. Well much to my surprise, and excitement, DC to Daylight have created just that EP.

"Xmas Murder '74" is six tracks (five songs and one short audio clip, not to mention some videos and other MP3s that are all included on the CD) that are smart, catchy and simply great. From the thick guitar riffs on "Just a joke" to the weird lounge jazz opening of "I hate everybody," DC to Daylight deliver tight instrumental parts that are perfectly complimented by band member Warren Hauff's distinctive voice. The EP keeps your attention for its entire length and gets you dancing along as Hauff, nearly screaming, tells the listener "Such a loser/You make me feel/Like a man" ("Like a man") or as he works the dynamics with honest and amusing lyrics like, "Mother, Father/Sorry I'm a bother/Brother, Sister/Sorry I'm a blister/To the family"¦I'm the black sheep of the family." The band, ironically, continue their understated humorous approach with a laid back and lighthearted sounding riff on "My way to Hell." The instruments especially stand out on the closer, "Brand new satellite," as what should be an ordinary solo breaks up the song and adds a nice touch.

DC to Daylight's debut release "Xmas Murder '74: Cheap Therapy For Your Inner Problem Child" is excellent : thick guitar riffs grab you in every song as the rhythm section gets your head bobbing and the vocals compel you to sing along. As each track progresses, you expect the songs to be less intense, less interesting but they never are. Instead, DC to Daylight leaves you to hitting repeat and wanting more.