Dead Hearts
"Dead Hearts"

(State of Mind Recordings 2005)Dead Hearts - Dead Hearts

Buffalo, New York, band Dead Hearts are not for dilly dallying. In exactly fifteen minutes on their self-titled EP, this hardcore quintet slam and bash their instruments and still manage to make it sound musical while the screams of vocalist Derek Dole are enough to make the listener feel hoarse. With Dead Hearts, either you agree to go along for the ride or you are going to get left behind, eating dust.

Dead Hearts kick it off with "In Our Hands, Once Again," a short introduction to the EP that is propelled by a heavy and slow driving rhythm. Repetition hammers "Breakdown" into your head as it speeds along with punk rock abandon, guitar riffs squealing in the background. Full instrumentation and chanting on "Small Town Tragedy" makes you feel like you are at the center of a sweating hardcore show getting elbowed in the head while "Dear Jane Letter" and the clearly annunciated "Forever" take a straightforward hardcore approach. Guitars grind into the lively and vigorous instrumentation on "Heart Shaped Coffin" as the band try in vain to hide some melodic elements in the pounding music of "Bright Lights, Burnt City."

Making every second count, Dead Hearts get their point across and sell themselves and their music on their self-titled EP that hints at memorable moments. Dead Hearts never come down on their EP, keeping their energy and momentum at a high. With yet another spin on hardcore, Dead Hearts offer no apologies for their rapid fire music.