Deadstring Brothers
"São Paulo"

(Bloodshot Records 2010)Deadstring Brothers - São Paulo

There's no getting around it. The Deadstring Brothers' newest full-length release, "São Paulo," is simply overflowing with a good ol' country sound. Not so much the way Johnny Cash was seen as country. More like The Black Crowes are seen as country. But instead of the soulful blues that Chris Robinson and company offer, the Deadstring Brothers deliver twangy country with a side of rock that pulls at the heartstrings from time to time when it's not focusing on just having a good time.

If there's one thing that the Deadstring Brothers' "São Paulo" isn't, it's overdone. The band aren't exactly minimalist but they're certainly understated as they avoid any and all unnecessary accessories, baubles and the like. Instead, twangy guitar solos, like the nice one on the ballad "Can't Make It Through The Night," and inviting melodies, such as on the title track and "Smile," take the lead without any extra emphasis or added words. Elsewhere the Deadstring Brothers have a decidedly classic sound that sounds ageless, for example on the slow jam "The Same Old Rule."

Something old and something new, the Deadstring Brothers mix it all up until the fine line of separation is nearly invisible. For fans of country, "São Paulo" delivers something that has that special glimmer in its eye. And as for the rest of us, it ain't a bad listen either.



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