Dead Weather
"Sea Of Cowards"

(Warner Bros. Records 2010)Dead Weather - Sea Of Cowards

These days there are few musicians that release albums on an annual basis. And that number shrinks even more when you consider how many of those annuals are actually good. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds are one that comes to mind as being prolific and putting out a pretty darned good album every single time. Enter acclaimed super group The Dead Weather.

When The Dead Weather released their debut full-length “Horehound” last year, they came out swinging. And a year later, the band has released their sophomore album, “Sea Of Cowards.” Alison Mosshart’s vocals are commanding on perhaps the album’s best track “The Difference Between Us” while on “I Can’t Hear You” she can hardly contain her squealing which gives it a touch of ‘30s/‘40s blues and jazz feel to it. On “Hustle And Cuss” the band seem content to let loose and jam. But as the album progresses, the sound descends into a chaotic mess that’s hard to make heads or tails of. This isn’t a band that believes less is more and, really, more is more…and not always in a good way.

The Dead Weather certainly maintains a consistent sound from album to album. But “Sea Of Cowards” sounds like the band took all of the leftovers from their “Horehounds” sessions and, voila, a new album. When, in actuality, that isn’t the case at all. The band’s musical reliability is both a blessing and a curse as “Sea Of Cowards” sounds so similar but can never come anywhere close to being nearly as good.



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