Dead Yellow
"The Dead Yellow EP"

(Self-Released 2003)Dead Yellow - The Dead Yellow EP

After a few listens, The Dead Yellow finally sink in. The first listen flies by. With the second and third listening, things stand out here and there. By the fourth listening you've heard all of it. The Dead Yellow's 3-track EP is reminiscent of every mainstream hard rock band that you'll hear on the radio from, possibly, the last ten years. They try to hit everything from vocal tone to racing electric guitar solo. And while this could entice some fans, it probably won't catch the attention of many.

Alternative rock radio friendly, The Dead Yellow start off with the catchiest song on the EP, "Last Time." Think of simple lyrics -- "What you want from me is what I want from you/What You to see/Is what I came to do" -- with guitars trying to be heavy and nonstop, pounding percussion. Second track "Coming Down" opens with the motto of "Live fast, die young" and continues in a similar vein to the opener -- pounding drums and heavy riffs. The EP's final track, "4000 We's," has a bland but catchy riff"¦even if you can't help thinking of the opening track. The only thing that seems to consistently stand out is the toned down yet still thundering drumming of The Dead Yellow's Steve Sadler.

The Dead Yellow can play their instruments; they can play their instruments well. But their sound and songs are what you've already heard. If they could focus on a new direction, a new sound, or take some chances in writing, playing and/or recording, maybe they could come up with something unique. But that's "if."